Consortium approaches Chesterfield but is yet to reveal identities or funding, with price set at £15m

Chesterfield vs Doncaster Rovers - Proact Stadium - Pic By James Williamson
Chesterfield vs Doncaster Rovers - Proact Stadium - Pic By James Williamson
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A consortium who made an approach for Chesterfield FC with a view to buying the club, is yet to disclose the identity of those involved or provide proof of funding.

And company secretary Ashley Carson has confirmed that although owner Dave Allen’s starting point for negotiations is set at £15m, he may settle for less to sell the club, whose debt was listed in last year’s accounts at £8.58m.

Commenting on rumours that a group had made an offer, Carson told the Derbyshire Times: “We had a consortium approach us.

“We asked them to declare who was in it, so Shorts could do due diligence, so we don’t waste our time.

“We also asked for proof of funding.

“But no one has come forward to let us know names of the consortium or provide proof of funding.

“We’ve spent £2,000 on setting things up, putting things in place and batting away one or two waste of time enquiries.”

There has been suggestion from supporters that local business figures had expressed interest in buying the club but the asking price was a major stumbling block.

Carson said: “ There’s a lot of numbers being bandied about but the starting point is £15m, that’s for Dave Allen to negotiate. He might decide to take less than that.

“We want someone to say they’ve got £15m, so can we open talks.

“They can then sit down and see the management accounts, we will fully co-operate.

“If we get anything serious we will do everything we can to help them.”

The man running affairs at the Proact says he wants to be proactive in seeking buyers and hopes to catch the eye of foreign investors.

“I’ve got a meeting with Dave Allen and Chris Turner on Wednesday and one of the things I will be asking him is to consider putting a prospectus together, something we can send out to people both in this county and elsewhere,” he said.

“People over seas might not know too much about the Chesterfield FC, so we can give them some information.”

Carson will hold another fan forum, broadcast live over the internet on 18th January, when he and other club officials will answer questions sent in by supporters.

And the paperwork for the club’s reconvened AGM on 6th February has been finalised.

The company secretary admits information on the club’s current situation has been scarce but he’s keen to keep fans in the loop.

“There’s a lot going on, I’m trying to keep a dialogue going with the fans,” he said.

“There’s not a lot coming out but there’s an awful lot of rumours and I’m trying to keep them at bay, people tend to go off on crazy tangents with things.”