CHESTERFIELD; Why Spireites No 2 does the talking

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CHESTERFIELD assistant manager Tommy Wright’s has revealed that superstition is behind manager John Sheridan decision not to speak to the press after matches.

Wright has been sent out to do the talking after the last few matches, and all have been won as the Spireites try to pull off a League One survival mirace.

“John Sheridan’s a bit superstitious,” revealed his No 2, explaining the change in tactics!

Wright admitted the season looked all but over at the weekend as Chesterfield were losing 1-0 to Rochdale - a result which would have seen them relegated

But they hit back to win 2-1 and prolong their battle for at least another week.

“Tommy Lee’s save from Nicky Adams at 1-0 was as good as a goal and we soon hit back,” Wright said.

He added: “It’s stress and pressure at this time of year and players do things wrong under stress. We’re still in their fighting; there’s relief that we’re still in there and we need to keep it going.”