Chesterfield: Leam issues warning over opposition tactics

Chesterfield FC v Nottingham Forest Leam Richardson
Chesterfield FC v Nottingham Forest Leam Richardson
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Leam Richardson says Chesterfield will have to get used to teams trying to frustrate them at the Proact Stadium.

The Spireites were staring down the barrel of a third consecutive home defeat when York City took a two-goal lead on Tuesday night.

But the hosts rallied and clawed their way back into the game to deservedly claim a point. The Spireites’ assistant manager said it was a much-improved performance from Saturday’s loss to Burton.

He said: “Within days two teams have come here and lined up without a recognised striker on the pitch. They’re looking to frustrate us. Not only in what they do but also with time wasting.

“The opposition (York) were getting applauded for putting the ball out for corners and goal kicks, which is mind boggling, but that’s how teams will set up and we must get used to it.

“We must move the ball quicker, we must move off the ball a lot better and I think you can see a lot of improvement in that so far.”