Charlie Webster: Bubble hasn’t burst but here’s a pop at Simonsen

Sheffield United vs Huddersfield Town.
Sheffield United vs Huddersfield Town.
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It seems that there are two stances this week after a result described as ‘Sheffield United coming up against genuine opposition’ in Huddersfield Town.

One, that this home loss after such a good unbeaten League run is just a small blip. Two that the Blades bubble has been burst and it’s downhill from here on in.

I don’t know which camp you’re in but my bubble is still floating confidently high. It actually annoys me a little bit the ‘genuine opposition’ tag; it shouldn’t matter who we come up against, we are supposed to be a club who are ‘genuine opposition’ for the ‘genuine opposition’ if you get my drift and therefore we shouldn’t be conceding like that in our own backyard.

Fair enough, our Yorkshire neighbours are an experienced outfit in this tier and have now gone 33 league games unbeaten, seriously impressive, I did give them some credit on Sky Sports News Tuesday evening along with my disappointment for Sheffield United.

Oh and sorry Sheffield Wednesday fans I know it got picked up that I said you were trounced, but I was only stating the facts as you were trounced. Oh dear how many insults am I going to get for that. On an all-Sheffield topic, though, when I was going over the League One results live on air I did give about 90% of the allocated time to the Sheffield results, and a bit to Chesterfield too - nobody else really got a look in.

Back to the Blades loss and frustratingly, not taking anything away from the Terriers, it was our silly mistakes that cost us.

Maybe a bit reactive, but I know I wasn’t the only one questioning Steve Simonsen on Tuesday evening.

I don’t feel entirely convinced by him. It was commented that Simonsen against Town was said to be even worse than Graham Benstead. The former keeper from 1988 started around the time of my first visit to Bramall Lane, not that I can remember whether he was any good or not. I was only four years old. But hose who can remember can make their own minds up.

Is it a coincidence that our first loss comes on Marcus Williams’ first appearance? Not a nice debut from him and probably a harsh question as it does take time to settle into a squad.

The big test now is how we learn from our mistakes; it’s not the fall that matters, inevitably it’s bound to happen, but how we pick ourselves back up again.

Saturday will be the showing of whether we are ‘genuine opposition’. Colchester seem to be the draw masters in the league so far, drawn their last three and drawn five in the league.

Randomly history also goes the way of a draw with the last two meetings ended all square although we’ve only played them twice in the last 28 years.

What makes me confident is the fact that, despite a slim squad, Danny Wilson knows this and made it clear in his post-match comments that more players will be coming in and there is a need to keep strengthening our squad.

I always think the worst position to be in is when the fans can see what’s going on and what’s needed but the manager can’t. No such problems for Sheffield United.

On a bad for week for Sheffield’s League One representatives, let’s not forget there are some positives. Sheffield FC are top of the league!