CFC Former Players Association '“ supporting Spireites long after they wear the blue shirt for the last time

Chesterfield players will continue to receive support long after they wear the blue shirt for the last time.

Friday, 10th August 2018, 12:01 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 11:34 am
The launch of the Chesterfield FC Former Players Association (Pic: Tina Jenner)

The Chesterfield FC Former Players Association has been relaunched in an effort to support the community of former Spireites and provide them help and care.

According to Tony Lormor, the ‘driving force’ behind the organisation, it’s as simple as making sure former players have someone to call in difficult times.

“It was already set up and has been there for a few years, but it was something I felt really strongly about,” said the 90s Town hero.

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“Within a club, among all the players and ex players, there’s a community.

“The reason I approached the club to see if we could get it up and running again was as a support to players and ex players.

“I’ve gone through times myself when I just wanted to be able to pick up the phone to somebody and I thought the club that you played for could be another avenue.

“If you’ve got someone sat at home, for whatever reason just needs someone to talk to, a bit of help, some advice, that’s what it’s about, all around wellbeing and looking after your old players.”

The launch took place at the Proact on the night Tommy Lee celebrated his testimonial and attracted dozens of former players, ranging from recently departed Sam Hird to 60s and 70s legend Albert Holmes.

“Anyone is welcome as an ex player,” said Lormor.

“If someone I played with needed someone, then we could speak to them.

“The older guys, there would be no point me speaking to them to a certain extent because they want their team-mates because they’ll have connections.

“All the different age groups, there’s a level of support.”

Pete Whiteley, Chesterfield FC Community Trust governance officer, has helped organise things.

“Part of it is just remembering and celebrating these people and then it’s also about supporting them as well,” he said. “Tony was the driving force, it just seemed appropriate to formalise some sort of association.”