Brazil allwy Maracana fears

Danny Welbeck
Danny Welbeck
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England will face Brazil at the Maracantomorrow after the Rio de Janeiro state government confirmed that Judge Adriana Costa dos Santos has reversed her ruling that the stadium was unsafe.

There were fears that the clash would not go ahead after the match was officially suspended due to safety fears.

However a statement from the Rio state government confirms the stadium complies with “all safety rules”.

The statement also confirmed the safety certificate was granted.

“All safety requirements for the friendly between Brazil and England have been complied with,”it read.

The renovation of the 78,000 seater Maracana was completed last month.

There were fears that debris left over by construction workers could be hurled in the case of a disturbance. There were also reports that there could be a problem with flooring.

Meanwhile Danny Welbeck revealed he has been in awe of Brazil ever since he sat spellbound on his sofa as an 11-year-old watching Ronaldinho knock England out of the World Cup. Welbeck said: “At the time, I couldn’t work out whether he meant it, but he 100 per cent did.”

“Looking back now he 100% meant it.