Special retro Green’Un

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Back to the future...

Catch some of the best moments of the print Green’Un by reading our special retro edition.

Back to the future with the Green'Un

Back to the future with the Green'Un

It’s full of special features and pictures reflectiong the glorious past of the Green’Un.

Look back at photos of Wembley Blades and Wembley Owls, plus top players down the years.

Sheffield stalwart Keith Farnsworth tells us what it was like as a boy growing up with the Green’Un: the excitement on Newhall Road as The Star and Telegraph van arrived with its supply of Green’Uns for all the neighbourhood sports fans.

Take in Heaps of fun from brilliant cartoonist Harry Heap, with present day artist Pete McKee paying his own tribute to Harry.

Chris Waddle, Tony Currie, Derek Dooley and Jimmy Hagan take centre stage, and we reproduce some of the Green’Un’s memorable front ;pages.

We pay tribute to the past with a look at how pigeon post played its part and also outline the future of the Green’Un.

Ian McMillan, Dickie Bird, Les Payne, Paul Taylor and Matthew Bell all have their say in an edition not to be missed.