scott hurt by web slur

Scott Wiseman
Scott Wiseman
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JIM O’Brien has criticised some Barnsley fans for disgraceful personal attacks on Scott Wiseman.

Wiseman closed his Twitter account after abuse from supporters unhappy with his performances. But some of that criticism was personal and involved Wiseman’s wife.

O’Brien said: “Wisey has found it hard to deal with. We’re in a world now where we’re there to be shot down, but it’s out of order when fans make things personal. You can’t bring family into. When it gets personal you’re over-stepping the line. It’s unacceptable.

“Wisey’s one of the nicest lads you’ll meet and he’s been feeling down about things. It’s hard to see your teammate and your friend unhappy like that.”

The ex Rothehram United loanee held talks with Blackpool about a move this month, but a deal fell through following the sacking of Seasiders’ boss Michael Appleton. Wiseman has not played for nearly a month having been substituted in the home defeat to Blackburn.

“You can’t let opinions get to you, but sometimes that’s easier said than done,” added O’Brien. “Wisey would be the first person to say if he’s not played well, but he doesn’t need telling. It’s hard when someone’s having a pop at you. But when people start saying things about his wife, well it’s out of order. We’re paid well and sometimes you’ll get critised, but you’ve got to be strong.

“Hopefully he will bounce back from this. He’s got all the players’ support.”

Reds director Don Rowing said: “People are entitled to their opinions, but when it becomes personal it is wrong.

“I’d advise Scott not to take any notice of what’s said on these social networking sites.”