Grown-up Adam Hammill happy to help Barnsley kids

Barnsley's Adam Hammill
Barnsley's Adam Hammill
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Barnsley winger Adam Hammill insists he has grown as a person over the past few months.

The 29-year-old’s issues have been well documented in the past - but a change in personal circumstances off the pitch helps Hammill unwind away from the game.

Last season Hammill - who adopted partner Lauren’s first child - welcomed his second child, Roman, to the family alongside daughter Izzy.

And Hammill told The Star: “Over the past few months I’ve grown as a person and I’ve mellowed a bit.

“I’ve adopted a child so I’ve got three now.

“Having them has really helped me grow up as both a player and a person. I’ve learned not to let things out of my control affect me.

“Being at home with my family helps me switch off from football. I’m able to just relax and focus on them, which helps.

“Every second I’m training or playing I’m totally focused, but it’s nice to be able to just relax and switch off.

“Things like running around after the kids has really kept me on my toes and has helped me.”

Hammill is easily the most experienced player in the Reds’ fresh-faced unit.

And the mantle of being the team’s father figure is something the player is taking in his stride.

Hammill added: “I’m really thriving being the father figure in the team.

“Obviously I’ve had issues on and off the pitch and I just try to pass on my experiences to those [younger] guys.

“I’m trying to set an example to the other lads and be a benchmark for them to try and emulate. I’m the oldest head in the team. I’ve enjoyed the leadership role that I’ve taken on this year.

“I’ve been more of a sensible lad around the dressing room and I’ve tried to guide the younger lads. If my advice helps them along the way then I’ll be happy.”