Fans stick the knife in as South Yorkshire loses two club bosses

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LITTLE excites a football fan more than a change of manager.

And, in South Yorkshire, we have two vacancies, with Keith Hill ousted and Dean Saunders preferring pastures new.

Some readers of have been pretty brutal in their views of some of the managers, and potential runners and riders.

Beemo posted that Saunders “has selfishly let down the players he has brought in, they believed in him and now his career is on the up he saw fit to forget the word loyalty. He has jumped ship because he wants to be a Premiership manager, so loyalty to Wolves will be thin as well. What if he gets a job offered at Liverpool or Wales? He will leave, because loyalty is low on his agenda. I wish you the best, Saunders, but underneath I hope you fail and lose your job.”

Harry added: “I know we are sitting nice in second place in League 1 but is it just me who believes our style of football was appalling since Saunders took over? I had the unfortunate task of taking my son to Saturday’s game and felt like I was watching a pub team play. Hit and hope was the name of the game. Whilst we have managed to get some good results this season I fail to understand why.”

The possibility of Carlton Palmer being a candidate for the job at Barnsley excited this response from 2012 United Blade “If CP gets the job it would mean certain relegation for Barnsley. He was probably the most over-rated footballer (for want of a better word) ever and about the same as a manager.”

And Wombwell Fitter said of Kevin Blackwell: “He has taken his present club to near bottom of league and has been sacked at least 3 times. Not the ideal candidate.”