Barnsley: Reds boss claimed to be like Churchill

Barnsley players celebrate with manager David Flitcroft
Barnsley players celebrate with manager David Flitcroft
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The man who pushed for David Flitcroft to be Barnsley manager says he has never known the town respond to a manager like this one.

Barry Taylor, director at Oakwell and club president, said the decision to put Flitcroft in charge was a ‘no-brainer’ and has described him as “our Winston Churchill”.

“I’ve never known Barnsley be like this with their football manager,” said Barry who is also an FA vice-president and a member of the International committee.

“They love him and when he makes speeches like the one after the Huddersfield match then it’s no wonder they do - this is our Winston Churchill, he is that type of lad. I really hope he is successful.”

Barry acknowledged the perilous sitaution that Flitcroft inherited as caretaker a few days after Christmas.

“We were bottom and we were dead,” he said. “But a few weeks later, anyone who saw the Leeds match at Oakwell could see how the lads were responding to him, they were jumping all over him, it was obvious they all wanted him to succeed.

“I thought then ‘this bloke has to be our manager’ - it was a no brainer and for once in my life I got it right,” he chuckled.

“When I spend time with him and he’s talking to me, I do get tired after about two hours but I feel I want to put my football boots on again.

“He is so enthusiastic and the enthusiasm rubs off on people, he is that type of lad.”

Barnsley’s points return since Flitcroft was put in temporary charge, initially, for the January 1 trip to Peterborough, would equate to fourth place over a whole season.

“You don’t want to be unrealistic but that’s what I’m looking at although I know football has a nasty habit of kicking you in the teeth.” added Barry who said lots of things would be changing at the club after Flitcroft’s appointment on a one year rolling contract.

“David wants to take this club forward and I’m excited about next season and I hope the Barnsley public really come out and back him and the team.”