Barnsley: Keyboard warriors upset chief

Don Rowing, Barnsley director
Don Rowing, Barnsley director
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BARNSLEY director Don Rowing has launched an angry attack at bloggers who have criticised the club for its ticket prices.

Rowing is fed up with people who he terms the “keyboard warriors” who continually knock the club for the price of tickets to access Oakwell.

And he’s also annoyed that the writers love to knock the hard work he and his colleagues do at the club.

“There are a lot of keyboard warriors out there undermining and criticising the efforts of people who work hard at the club,” said Rowing. “I’m fed up with it to be honest.”

Barnsley offer some of the lowest ticket prices in the second tier of English football and supporters have been offered plenty of reduced ticket prices during the season, especially in this the club’s 125th anniversary season.

“We’re always looking at trying to provide deals for the fans, but at the same time we are doing everything we can do sustain this club in the Championship. That’s not easy when you have other clubs who are operation on a much higher budget than ourselves.

“Unfortunately we’re going to make decisions which are not popular, but we try hard to balance the needs of our supporters.

“These are hard times and we realise that it can be a luxury to watch football every Saturday. But our tickets are some of the cheapest in the Championship. Those bloggers who keep moaning should have a look at what others charge.

“And I also suggest that those people who are moaning should maybe buy a season tickets for the best value for money.”

Reds’ fans can buy tickets for the club’s last four home games for between £20-23 for adults (lower prices for children and OAPs.)

“I defy anybody to say they’re not getting value for money” said Rowing. “We’ve offered ticket reductions all season. You only have to look at someone like Leicester who have spent loads of money and charge high ticket prices, but they’re not guaranteed promotion.”

Barnsley have until 5pm next Thursday when the emergency loan window shuts to finalise any business for any new players. The Reds David are on the hunt for a left-back to replace the injured Scott Golbourne and a centre-back for extra cover.