Barnsley: Coach Paul Heckingbottom looks on bright side after Reds drop late points

Harvey Barnes - great goal for Barnsley. Photo  Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Harvey Barnes - great goal for Barnsley. Photo Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
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Paul Heckingbottom is taking positives from the draw against Queens Park Rangers - despite a disappointing performance.

The Reds looked set for all three points despite weathering a storm after Harvey Barnes’ wonder strike.

But conceding another late goal, this time from Luke Freeman, cost Heckingbottom’s side two points.

However, former defender Heckingbottom believes it proves his outfit are more than good enough to compete at this level after coming wso close to all three points despite being off the boil.

He said: “That was our poorest performance for a few weeks but it’s given us a point - and probably should have given us all three.

“That’s a positive for us to take from the game.

“The disappointing thing is I know now with how we have been performing it has been good enough to wins us games. I was sure of that.

“We didn’t need anywhere near that type of performance to win but we just didn’t deliver it.

“That’s how strange it is. Our levels have been much higher than that and given us no points.”

However, Heckingbottom was quick to point out there were a lot of players off the pace on Tuesday night.

Heckingbottom added: “There were too many players not near the levels that were needed.

“There were lots of things wrong with our performance and we need to do better.

“We were better in the first half, but we were still poor compared to where we have been.

“From where we have been and how we’ve been performing there were lots of things wrong, little things, simple things.

“We weren’t good, but I think we deserved to win.”

Despite leading at the break Heckingbotton brought off goalscorer Barnes - a decision he thinks could have been the wrong one.

And he said: “I feel sorry for Harvey. He was the unlucky one [to be brought off].

“I look back now and arguably we should have kept Harvey on. He might have produced another one like that.

“That’s why I brought him in because I’ve seen him do it many a time.”