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Leighton Baines
Leighton Baines
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“All of a sudden penalties aren’t goalscoring,” said Gary Neville last week.

“It is. It’s goalscoring under the most pressure. Excellence in anything requires repetition.”

Neville’s views came in the wake of Manchester United’s comically bad penalty shoot-out loss to Sunderland which saw the two sides convert three from 10 spot-kicks.

For some, the shoot-out was laugh-out-loud fun. Come the summer, though, it will be a different matter when England reach their inevitable 12-yard contest at the World Cup.

Will anyone be grinning if Phil Jones steps forward in a quarter-final sudden-death situation?

Thirty-one players have achieved a 50 per cent or better penalty success rate in the Premier League (with a minimum qualification of 10 penalties). Top of those who are English and still playing is Leighton Baines (100 per cent),

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