Ashley Carson delighted to land Sheridan, says financial outlay is worth it, reveals he apologised to protest organiser and clarifies Chesterfield FC role

Company secretary Ashley CarsonCompany secretary Ashley Carson
Company secretary Ashley Carson
Whatever John Sheridan is being paid by Chesterfield FC will be worth it, if he keeps the club in the National League this season.

That's the view of company secretary Ashley Carson, who alongside owner Dave Allen, tempted Sheridan back to the club this week from Carlisle, who are flying high in League Two.

Once the owner had got his sights on Sheridan, it was just a case of making it happen.

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Carson admits the three-year deal is a lucrative one in lower league terms, for Sheridan.

But that financial outlay from Allen will be worth it to stave off relegation, he says.

READ: John Sheridan begins his attempts to strengthen the squad, who all have a 'clean slate'"Basically myself and Dave spoke to him. He was aware of the protests and the unsettling behind the scenes, which made him nervous about coming.

"We've worked with him before and known him many years and it was one of the main reasons he wanted to come.

"He said you're in a mess, it needs sorting out.

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"It was a good job where he was, good prospects, good rewards for promotion but we decided he was the right man for the job so went out there to get him.

"Financially I think it's been reported already that he's probably going to be one of the highest paid managers in this league and League Two as well.

"But it's worth it to keep this club in this league."

Carson says this appointment has got to be right and Sheridan will be backed financially to help guarantee safety from the drop.

READ: Reinvigorated owner says Town are in the last chance saloon."We've got to throw money at it to get it right.

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"Dave Allen said it is the last roll of the dice really, it has to work.

"He will be given money to strengthen the team.

"He's already got areas he thinks need strengthening, the money will be available."

Sheridan has brought highly experienced assistant manager Glynn Snodin with him, a man who has worked in international football and spent time with Championship clubs.

Carson says Snodin's arrival was a big boost for the club.

"When we spoke about this, he said I'll just come in and manage things and get on with it.

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"Then when we looked at what was behind the scenes, there was no one really to support him and he needs someone, so I said he could bring someone in.

"He gave me a call and said 'I can't believe this but Snods has said he'll come with me, which I think is brilliant.'

"We're delighted to have a really good team."

Supporter protests and anti-board chanting have been a feature of recent matchdays at the Proact, with the team sitting in the National League drop zone.

But Carson hopes Sheridan's arrival will herald a fresh start and a chance for everyone to focus on the job in hand - keeping Town up.

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READ: John Sheridan's realism may reassure worried Spireites"At the end of the day, everyone knows it, we're living beyond out means. Without a doubt.

"I understand the shareholders on Monday night will be saying the same. On paper, this business isn't sustainable.

"But what we have is Dave Allen, who has given us assurances.

"We've given John a budget and the owner will meet all those costs, there is no worry about that.

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"I just hope everyone puts all this behind them, all the fighting and let's just get to the end of the season.

"We've got to stay in this league.

"I've said it before, it's crazy that we're saying it again this year, we cannot fall out of this league, it would be devastating.

"Dave Allen is prepared to put the money in and the fans just need to get behind it all and then let's regroup at the end of the season."

The club's owner made clear at yesterday's unveiling that Carson would stay on as company secretary and gave a ringing endorsement of his right hand man's character.

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Carson himself clarified what his involvement would now entail, having stepped down as a director having appointed CEO Graham Bean.

And he revealed that he had apologised for his interactions with Paul Goodwin, a supporter who organised the recent Bridge Inn True Blue Travel club protest outside the stadium.

"Obviously there was the protest and everything else and since that event I've been in touch with Paul (Goodwin, protest organiser) and apologised to him for my behaviour at the time.

"Sometimes with these things the pressure gets to you and there's an awful lot of things in the background that Dave Allen never gets to know about, I feel it's best he doesn't need to know about certain things.

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"But when you start talking about protests in the car park, it concerned me, that he was going to get to know about it, see it on the television.

"I did everything I could to stop the protest but obviously it went ahead and the outcome was okay.

"But I feel, under the pressure at the time, I pushed it too far and pushed Paul too far, which I have apologised to him for.

"I hope I can learn from that and move on.

"Following on from that I felt I needed someone else in the club to run things on a day-to-day basis.

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"I met Graham (Bean) when we went down to the FA with the Joe Rowley charge, I was very impressed with him.

"I spoke to John Croot, who knew Graham and sounded out Mike Warner and we all agreed he was the right person to bring in for the Chief Exec's role.

"On a day-to-day basis he's the one who controls everything, certainly on the football side.

"He's not got any experience on the conferencing and banqueting side, therefore Paul Roberts will still oversee that for us.

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"I am taking more of a back seat in terms of day-to-day stuff.

"Ultimately, most decisions within the club have a financial implication and ultimately it will come back to me and back to Dave Allen.

"I've been instrumental in getting all the paperwork and everything sorted out with John Sheridan, I will attend board meetings, I will attend the AGM next week in my capacity as company secretary.

"That's the way we'll go forward.

"But I will leave Graham to get on with things, I think it was right for me to stand down as a director."

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After spending some time away from the ground on matchdays, Carson plans to return - along with Allen - this weekend.

But he won't be ever-present when the Spireites are in action.

"I haven't been coming to the games, I did want to make things settle down.

"I'll be there this weekend, I'll go down to Aldershot next week to support John and the club.

"I probably won't come to every game but within the behind the scenes, I'm still involved in decision making, but not like I have been in the past."