Finally! Let the Games begin

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FROM an abseiling Queen to the conqueror of the Tour de France Bradley Wiggins ringing the bell to start the celebrations, it’s safe to say the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games lived up to its billing as the greatest show on earth.

The best of British was on show and it was a fantastic way to start a Games that has been so long in coming.

Every seat in the 80,000 capacity was the best one in the house.

On the press benches we were given regular updates of what was going to happen.

It was very difficult not to pass on this information, but some things are best kept a surprise.

How do you describe something so unique and special.

The Olympic Games aren’t likely to be back on our shores for a least two generations.

And that’s why the next two weeks are so special.

This is our Games, in our time, done our way.

These are our athletes performing in front of us with mums, dads, sisters, brothers and friends able to see them up close at the highest level of sport.

The opening ceremony was magnificent but what it did more than anything was show the pride that Britain has.

Our, and when I say our I mean the South Yorkshire Olympians, are not only trying to win medals for themselves, they’re proud to wear the Union flag on their kits.

They’re representing us all. Get behind them and enjoy the Games.