Falling gates at Wednesday. Your replies.

Our story about falling gates at Sheffield Wednesday brought a number of comments from website readers.

Monday, 15th October 2007, 8:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2007, 1:04 pm

We reported on Friday that falling gates could jeopardise the Owls' chances of extending the loans of Michael Johnson and Graham Kavanagh.

Manager Brian Laws wants to keep the Premiership duo but says there is doubt about whether the club will be able to continue affording the addition to their wage bill.

The fans said:

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King Reid,Manchester

Maybe Kavanagh and Johnson should've been signed in the summer instead of Jeffers and Sodje? Scoring goals wasn't our problem last season, it was defending. We scraped a lot of games 3-2. We should've added these kinds of defensive players when we had the chance rather than letting MacLean go and then chasing Sharp, Rasiak and Nightclub Patrick! Why should fans turn up after losing 8/10? The Leicester match was awful! Rant over. (I'm a season ticket holder btw)

Dizzys Dad, Barnsley

Once again it`s the fans fault. To get 20,000 blind faith idiots every game to watch the absolutely pathetic efforts of the current "team" and then expect 5,000 more to waste their money is unbelievable. This club has wasted our money at board level disgracefully over the last ten years to put us in our current position. The fans haven`t wasted it, the board has. Start putting the blame where it lies,with the idiots that run the club, not with the fans.

Ekaterinbirg Owl, Rotherham and Russia.

some of us have refused to go into the ground since we sacked king paul and will not step back into the ground while ever our chairman thinks we are cretins and scum and need sorting out. I would think the vast majority of stay away fans are not staying away because of the on field performance but because of the antics of the board of the club


Under Turner in League 1, the football was awful, but the supporters still turned up in their numbers (we averaged 20k + and the away support was far smaller than in the Championship). When are the current administration at Hillsborough going to realise that the current lack of fans turning up to games has nothing to do with our loyalty and everything to do with selling all our best players, not replacing them, increasing ticket prices and sueing the fans. I thought this year we were going to 'chuck a few quid at it' ?

Brincliffe Blade

Perhaps if the wednesday board stopped suing everyone who dares to speak or support Wednesday they might start to improve gate attendances!!

Bobsego, Sheffield.

Can you blame the fans for staying away in large numbers, when the chairman of the club openly states that no players will be sold to balance the books.then when season tickets are sold,he then sells one of our best players ( Brunt)

Owl Down Under, Surfers Paradise.

It won't be long now Allen when you can start going to the games again without being abused. COS YOU'LL BE THE ONLY ONE THERE

Owl Outside, Sheffield.

Crikey, this is ridiculous - it isn't Allen's fault that the club are 20m+ in debt, that happened way before he took over (thanks Mr. Richards). And he hasn't got stupid amounts of money to throw in to the club, so it has to be run like a business. He doesn't even own the club for pity's sake, so why is he the one that has to fund new signings? If everyone is that frustrated about lack of money and Allen's perceived lack of action, why can't every current shareholder outside the boardroom donate 10 per share held? They could even choose whether they wanted to charge interest or not. Now that would be a decent gesture instead of slinging insults around (which helps nobody).

Valley Owl, Sheffield.

40 Year+ Owl won't be going back while Allan thinks its clever to sue the fans and Wednesdayite continue to think they are helping the club. Bring on the administrators so that the shares are worth nothing that will teach them all a lesson

mike84, Sheffield.

Valley Owl, Do you have the slightest clue about Wednesdayite, you obviously have internet access to post your ridiculous comment, how can coaching kids for free, purchasing tickets for games and giving them away to people, offering money to the academy, offering money to pay loan players wages and offering money for the kop toilet development not be helping the club. I would be intrested to know why you think Wednesdayite are not helping the club. Also I wouldnt be too happy if the shares I own were worth nothing. They are not worth a great deal but they have been passed through my family for years, how would the administrators teach me a lesson?

Tr1ck, South Yorkshire.

Could be worse though you could have Bryan Robson, Allan in! Great job !!

Longley Mick.

Perhaps if Mr Allen stopped threatening to sue everyone, fans might be willing to support the club. At the moment, I'm staying away in protest at his treatment of certain fans misguided though they are. Two wrongs don't make a right and if the club suffers as a result of it, perhaps the powers that be will look at themselves and their actions in this whole sorry mess.


Here we go again, the fans are too blame, perhaps if the club ceased its legal action using fans cash to sue other fans they would see an increase in attendances, I for one will not be attending in the current climate regardless of how much I love my club, sorry SWFC I for one dont accept the blame thrown at me any many many others.

King Reid, Back in Sheff.

Is this the most of amount of comments ever to a Star Article?) Couple of points: I agree Allen had inherited a club in disaray (thanks Mr Richards, how's the Premier League getting on?) and has done a good job at stablising us but he is not the man to take us forward from here. I stand to be corrected (please don't sue me, I'm skint) but how can Randy Lerner take over at Villa with when he bought a 30% share? Obviously looking at Leeds with Bates putting the prices up 25% and even Carson Yeung causing (mild) chaos at Brum by not honouring Bruce's contract and threatening to bring loads of Chinese unknowns, not all investors should be welcomed with open arms, but surely looking at QPR and the Italina F1 guy who has just taken over, surely we are ready for the next investor to put his money into Wednesday? We more than have the potential what with the fanbase and stadium etc. The more Allen drives his wedge between the fans, the lower the attendance will be. I look forward to the day of a brand new board and Paul Sturrock coming back to Wednesday (like he said with, unfinished business with no compensation for whoever his current club may be). Rant over again. Up the Owls. Club football is still a million times better than international rubbish :)

Owl Down Under, Surfers Paradise.

There are several clues worth investigating regarding the current dilemma. 1. The sudden and unwarranted removal of Sturrock. 2.The finger gesture of MacLean which led to his subsequent demise. 3. The "I'm happy at Wednesday" interviews with Brunt followed by his sudden demise 4. The "I'll never play for Wednesday again" drama of Magic only to fly into the arms of a club destined for relegation. 5. The reluctance of Whelan to sign another contract. 6. The daddy of them all-- the real reason why, after 6 months of negotiation we lost Paul Gregg-- a man who must have known about Wednesdayite shares from the outset but still pressed on for months of talks. All very strange dont you think? Foul deeds will rise 'tho all the earth o'erwhelm them.

Owlzmaadal, Sheffield.

When will the bickering stop?.Doesn't matter what the differences are between the fans and Dave Allen, rise above it all. Show that you are all adult by taking the name calling and let's end this petty squabbling. One thing should be paramount, taking the Owls forward. Let's do what we are famous for and support our team through bums on seats again. Regardless of what we've been through devotion through actual physical support is what let's us stand apart from every other team in this area and the league. Get back to the ground let's get behind the team in numbers and be seen and heard..

Valley Owl, Sheffield.

Mike24, I note your comments on what Wednesdayite do achieve for the club and their intentions in that respect I have no problem with, my issue is that they were gifted shares by DA (Silly move Dave)and all off a sudden they think that they are some kind of entrepreneurial organisation that know best for the club, they don't if they were they would have the money to buy the club in the first place, I would also like to add, neither are they are a bunch of cretins either they are a group of people that want the best for the club as we all do. My opinions as well are not just aimed at Wednesdayite they are also aimed at DA and other members of the board like Hulley Grierson etc. Unfortunately for Allan he came into the club when it was screwed anyway and has basically done a fair job at keeping it ticking over and stabilising it but realistically I don't think that's the right thing to do, for me someone needs to have the balls to say 'You know what we are never going to pull back the 20+m debt we are in and while ever we persist in trying to do so we will never get new investment especially when there is such a split in the shareholding nor will we be able to pay the wages required to build a team capable of getting promotion which would in turn pay of the debt we are in It's a business model that is doomed to fail. SWFC unfortunately are on a life support machine with a faint glimmer of life being fed with enough cash to sustain their existence and the reason no one will turn them off is that they cling to their shares and their power trip thinking that while ever the club is still alive people will have respect for them. "I have news for them: 'they won't'. The kind of investor that it takes to run a football club these days comes from the upper .001% of the business world they have 100s of millions or more and to accumulate such wealth means they are switched on and are not dumb enough to walk in and clear up the mess of others, (a few exceptions I know) they w

Valley Owl, Sheffield.

They will sit back and wait until the administrator has done his work and pick up the club for nothing, investing their cash into the playing staff and not into clearing the debts of previous fools. You won't like what I am going to say but I am telling you, the best long term bet for the Owls is administration, clear the decks of the Hulleys, the Griersons (and I'm sorry Dave you too despite your efforts you have lost the plot), consolidate the shares and then we will see the emergence of our saviour. Mark my words it will happen.

Daveyboy66, Sheffield.

Perhaps the fans who are staying away are following the chairman's example. To try and shift the blame from the board for not supporting the manager with adequate funds and puuting the blame on the fans is a joke. But, this is what we have come to expect from the current regime at the club. It's always someone else's fault. No takeover.. it's wednesdayite's fault... no money for loans. It's the fans fault. All this at a time when the club is using its funds to sue its own supporters. You couldn't make this up its so preposturous. And, to top it all, when the club are blaming the supporters for staying away THE CHAIRMAN HAS NOT BEEN TO A SINGLE LEAGUE MATCH AT HILLSBOROUGH THIS SEASON.

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