F1 outfit to assess all options before leaving Dinnington

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MARUSSIA Virgin Racing are in no hurry to identify a site to create a new purpose-built factory, The Star has learned.

Following the agreement of a technical partnership with McLaren, one of the heavyweights of Formula One, last week, it is abundantly clear the Formula One backmarkers future lies away from South Yorkshire.

John Booth’s outfit are currently spread between their Dinnington headquarters and its newly-acquired offices at Wirth Research in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Booth’s men also have a promotion hub in London.

But Virgin, significantly financially backed by Marussia Motors, the Russian sportscar company, are poised to leave the old Manor Motorsport factory in the former Rotherham pit village before the end of 2013 to expand its growing business.

Graeme Lowdon, the president of Marussia Virgin Racing, told The Star: “There is no big change in the short term. We will still be in Dinnington next week. We are outgrowing the Dinnington site but growth is always a good thing.

“We have got a couple of guys looking at where the best location would be in the long run. On the basis that this will be a new facility, this is not something you necessarily want to rush into.

“They have got to find the right place because it will be a big investment. I don’t expect there to be a decision on that too quickly.”

Team principal Booth has stated the new epicentre will be somewhere between Dinnington and Oxford.

The Virgin boss has not given up of relocating to Sheffield, saying: “There are some great technologies happening there, world leading technologies, and I’ll be pushing for staying in Yorkshire.”