Even golden Jessica can’t match Brad pedal power

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IT’S confession time. I don’t think Jessica Ennis - that’s Our Jess - is going to win.

In fact I’m pretty sure about it. Don’t fancy her at all really. I can see her being, at best, second.

Now, before anyone accuses me of anything treacherous let me clarify things.

We’re not talking the heptathlon here. We’re talking BBC Sports Personality of the Year!

There was me thinking that a gold for Our Jess along with all the Golden Girl stuff and what have you and she’d be stitched on for the top prize come next December’s BBC bash.

But you can start inscribing that one now. Perhaps attach a pair of sideburns (or sideboards as we called them) to the trophy as well.

Bradley Wiggins (or Wiggo as he’s become known) has that one stitched up for his phenomenal achievements in the past few weeks. Taking some topping will that.

We can only wish Jess all the very best and, like everybody else in these parts, will be urging her on every inch of the way.

Due to a particularly busy time, the Olympics has almost passed me by so far.

I shall, however, be paying great attention to the greatest athlete this city has ever produced and cheering wildly like the rest of the nation.

It’s not something I’d particularly recall but the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games for years now has been Omega.

Might just have passed me by again but for an advert of theirs I spotted in a national newspaper. Or rather the error in it.

Each day, they noted a different host city, be it Summer or Winter Oympics, and it was this which caught my eye. They’d spelled it wrongly!

There, in big, prominent letters was Garnisch when it should have been Garmisch.

I assume their timing is more accurate than their spelling!

You may recall there has been quite a battle over what happens to the Olympic Stadium when the Games leave town. West Ham and Spurs both put a claim in.

Whatever the legacy, you can be sure that in four years’ time it will be in better condition than its predecessor in Beijing.

Remember it? The Bird’s Nest Stadium in 2008.

Come 2012 it is, apparently, looking decidely ropey around the edges. Some rusting is apparent and parts not looking too pristine.

There are even signs still up in foreign languages from those 2008 Olympics.

Blades fans seemed to give a nod of satisfaction to Rotherham United’s New York Stadium on their first visit this week.

Plenty probably had a chuckle on the way in.

Rotherham haven’t got everything up and running yet and this includes all the automated turnstiles.

One Blades fan recalls that he got to the turnstile to find, attached to the wall and still in bubble wrap, the swipe-card reader. But not operating quite as intended. And there’s a surprise in store.

There’s a narrow opening at the bottom of the card-reader.

As he proffers the ticket, a hand pokes out of the small opening, fingers beckoning for the ticket. It’s taken and, a second or two later, the hand re-appears and returns the stub to the fan!

After passing through, he glances back behind the turnstile wall and exchanges a smile with a guy squeezed into a narrow space behind the turnstile.

Human beings. What would we do without ’em!