Doncaster Rovers: Grant McCann on plans for loan signings as Premier League clubs pick up the phone

Grant McCann says he has received plenty of phone calls from Premier League clubs keen to send their promising young players on loan to Doncaster Rovers.
Herbie Kane was a tremendous success on loan at Rovers last seasonHerbie Kane was a tremendous success on loan at Rovers last season
Herbie Kane was a tremendous success on loan at Rovers last season

But the Rovers boss admits he hopes to rely less on loan signings in the coming season than he did in the last campaign.

Loanees Herbie Kane and Mallik Wilks in particular drew plenty of praise and attention for their superb performances during their time at the Keepmoat.

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And McCann says such positive progression means clubs are keen to use Rovers are a place to see their youngsters blooded.

“The amount of phone calls I've had already from Premier League clubs and some of the big clubs in Scorland about loaning some of their players has been incredible,” McCann said.

“Hopefully we can build a decent reputation for ourselves and have a look at what the Wilkses and Kanes have done here.

“We can help them learn, grow and mature to adults.

“That's a real important part of the jigsaw for us but we don't five, six, seven, eight, loans.

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“We want to make sure the loans we do bring in can be better than the ones we had last season or if not, get to that level.

“We'll be looking at bringing some in but probably not as many.

"There will be one or two coming in to complement us.”

McCann admits feeling a tremendous sense of pride in the progression made by some of the crop brought in for the last campaign.

Kane is expected to be loaned to a Championship club from Liverpool for the coming season after commanding performances for Rovers.

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And Wilks has been linked with a move to the Premier League with Leeds United perhaps ready to cash in on his potential.

"It makes you proud," McCann said. "The fact is these two boys came in at the start of the year and no one knew them.

"It gives you a sense of pride in the job.

"I did it last year and felt a sense of prude to see Jack Marriott getting a move to Derby.

"It's helping people grow up as men as well as players.

"The two of them were like little kids when they came in at the start of the year and didn't know what to expect.

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"Everyone was wondering who they were but then they just went from strength to strength and now everyone is after them.

"Credit to them for the way they've worked and I think they've really enjoyed their time."

Joining Kane and Wilks were Paul Downing, Tyler Smith, Aaron Lewis and Jermaine Anderson who all arrived for spells during the 2018/19 season, with varying degress of success.

And while some failed to makes as big an impact as others, McCann felt all contributed.

"Looking back last year, one or two didn't quite work out.

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"Jermaine didn't play as much when he came in and Aaron and Tyler didn't play as much as they'd have expected.

"I think that was just down to the form of the others.

"Some of them were a breath of fresh air like Wilks, Kane and Downing.

"But all of them contributed at some stage, whether it was Tyler's two goals against Burton, Jermaine's goal against Rochdale or Aaron's performance at Portmouth.

"They all played some part."