Dennis Hobson Q&A: Tommy Frank banana skin, Josh Wale legacy, Kell Brook return, Charlie Edwards controversy

Q: You have a show at Ponds Forge on Friday night, what are you hoping to see from the fighters on the bill?

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 11:46 am
Updated Thursday, 19th September 2019, 11:47 am
Tommy Frank

Dennis Hobson: “Obviously you always look for improvements.

“We’ve got Tommy Frank and Josh Wale headlining. Tommy is up against Thailand’s Aran Dipaen, and Josh gets Sergio Gonzalez.

“Tommy has stepped up the plate and is in contention for some major belts. He’s already won the Commonwealth title, and can now start to get on the world scene, and highly rated by the WBC if he wins this belt on Friday.

“We’ll be looking for Tommy to perform well against a tough Thai fighter, and we’ll see how he copes with a different style. This will all stand him in good stead for when we do, hopefully, get him a world title fight, and then no style will faze him

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“This fight against Dipaen could be a banana skin, but if we’re looking for Tommy to be on the world scene then he has to be tested. This opponent is a puncher and if Tommy leaves his chin in the air then he will get chinned.

“So he needs to be on his game, he is the ultimate pro though, but there are questions that will be answered on Friday.

“Josh and his dad are great people to work with.

“He’s already fought an eliminator for the Commonwealth featherweight title, so that opportunity is there, and there are other titles that we’re looking to go after with him.

“We’re looking for another good performance from him at featherweight, and we then want to go for another title and make some more history for Barnsley, with Josh being the town’s most successful boxer.

“We’re building a legacy now for Josh.

Q: Kell Brook is back in training. Do you think he can get back to world title level?

DH: “I worry about Kell.

He’s chopped and changed, he came to train with John Fewkes who runs our gym, and who will prove to be one of the top trainers in the country, but he’s lost his way a bit, has Kell.

“He’s missed out on opportunities by not being able to make a decision and thinking the grass is greener somewhere else.

“He’s not going anywhere at the moment and is in a very precarious position because his career is in danger of petering away, with people wondering ‘whatever happened to Kell Brook’.

“He should have had some major money fights, got financially secure for the rest of his life, and gone for another major title.

“He’s missed out on that opportunity over the last year by messing about.

“I just worry that his career will fade away, or he accepts a silly fight for money and damages his health.”

Q: What did you make to the situation at the end of Charlie Edwards' recent fight with WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman overturning the decision at ringside immediately?

DH: “I thought Charlie was very fortunate, but with any British kid fighting a foreigner I want them to win, so I’m pleased.

“I thought Charlie got out of jail there because he looked as though he was getting beat, but we can all have a bad day at the office.

“He was up against a quality kid though, and if I was involved with him I wouldn’t get him straight back in with him, I’d be looking at how strong he is at the weight, and maybe go in another direction for a different title.

“I’d be looking to do something different with Charlie, because that obviously wasn’t his best performance. He’s had a reprieve though, and I’m pleased.”