Banned club face league probe after Twitter blast

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NINE players from a South Yorkshire League cricket club are due to appear before a disciplinary hearing tomorrow arising out of allegations of attacks on league officials via social networking site Twitter.

The players are from Rossington CC whose representatives are also due to attend another hearing next week to appeal against a decision to expel the club from the league.

It all arose from comments made on Twitter and alleged to have been made by members of Rossington CC.

The Doncaster-based club say they had nothing to do with any individual postings on Twitter and will put their case at next week’s appeal hearing.

The South Yorkshire League (SYL) say that Twitter was used to launch attacks on the league chairman and others league officials.

In a statement the SYL said: “It was felt by the League Management Committee (LMC) that the attacks were of a very serious and personal nature.

“This type of activity is not what is expected of players of member clubs, particularly a club serving a probationary period.”

This was a reference to Rossington being put on probation earlier this year after incidents at the league’s annual dinner in 2011. In addition, players were handed suspensions.

The statement continued; “Rossington CC have had a number of problems recently in relation to the league rules and this latest misdemeanour was considered by the LMC to be the final straw.”

The decision was taken to expel the club - who have teams in Division One and Division Four - from the league. The club appealed against that decision and so they are currently suspended from playing matches.

The players due at tomorrow’s hearing have been charged with bringing the league into disrepute.

Rossington secretary Steve Groves said the offending Twitter page was set up anonymously. “It had absolutely nothing to do with this club, we didn’t know anything about it,” he said. He acknowledged that some of the comments were “not acceptable”.