‘Crazy’ diver plans return

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SHEFFIELD’S courageous Olympic diver Monique Gladding, badly injured when she smashed her head into a concrete diving board in February, is to make her comback in the sport on Saturday.

Gladding escaped death in the accident during a World Cup event in Russia,but that has not deterred her from taking part in the British national championships in Leeds.

“Everyone thinks I’m crazy to carry on” she says.

The 29-year-old was KO’d and in danger of drowning after the accident and still suffers headaches. She told the Mailonline: ‘Knowing that I’ve been so close to death is really scary. But the London Olympics are driving me on. I missed out on Beijing and to be part of Team GB in 2012 would be an amazing achievement.” But she admitted: “There’s definitely times when I think ‘I’ve had enough. I can’t do this any more.’”