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Boundary AC Sheffield

Lindholme Lakes, Loco Lake

It’s early springtime and the fish are tightly shoaled in lakes. It’s the time of year when a world champion can sit fishless on one peg while 3 pegs away a novice will bag up and enjoy a magnificent day’s sport. The leading weights in this match were exceptional, No novices or world champions were fishing but those in the right areas caught well, so I’ll name the pegs as it’ll help pleasure anglers pick a spot where there are plenty of fish to be caught.

Pete Deakin led the way on Peg 3 with an astonishing 90lb catch from the margins on maggots. Runner-up Steve Dearman was on Peg 7 finishing with 74lb 13oz.

Result: 1. P Deakin 90-0; 2. S Dearman 74-13; 3. A Bertram 59-13; 4, C Froggett 31-7; 5, N Foottit 18-14; 6. B brown 16-8.

Boundary AC Sheffield

Sherwood Forest Farm 
Fisheries, Holmedale Lake

Fished in a blizzard, not surprisingly the going was pretty tough with just one double figure catch which fell to the previous match winner Pete Deakin at Peg 49. The second best weight came from 51.

Result: 1. P Deakin 12-8; 2. T Tex 9-10; 3. P Butler 9-2; 4. N Millward 5-8; 5. S Dearman 3-10; 6. A Bertram 2-8.

Woodseats Angling

Lodge Farm, Field Pond

Woodseats’ silver fish only matches at Lodge Farm are proving to be very popular on Field Lake where there appears to be plenty of skimmers willing to feed and they are widely spread putting everyone in with a chance of winning and a decent bit of action for good measure. Dave Tomkinson ihas been in good form recently and showed that with another winning catch from Peg 13, two pounds clear of Mick Coward on Peg 6. The winning tactic was chopped worm and caster fished short on the pole.

Result: 1. D Tomkinson 27-10; 2. M Coward 25-4; 3. M Holmes 21-15.

Woodseats Angling

Little John Lakes,

Maid Marion Lake

Another classic case of fish shoaling tight to provide the winner with a runaway catch. Mark Holmes needs little help from the darwbag but put him on a flier in these conditions and the outcome is as emphatic as it is inevitable. Drawn Peg 3 he fished maggots and corn over groundbait to take 84lb 4oz of mostly carp finishing nearly 70lbs clear of Terry Oldfield in second place.

Result: 1. M Holmes 84-4; 2. T Oldfield 15-7; 3. W Nelson 10-12.

Woodseats Angling

Lodge Farm, Field Pond

Silvers only again at Lodge Farm and superb weights of skimmers and roach were again there to be had. Mick Coward led the way at Peg 29 presenting worm and caster over groundbait at 12 metres for a pole-caught net of 35lb 5oz finishing ahead of Graham Wilkinson who was just one fish short of 30lbs.

Result: 1. M Cowrad 35-5; 2. G Wilkinson 29-5; 3. M Holmes 25-12.