CHARLIE WEBSTER: I don’t care how it bad it looks as long as we win

Sheffield United Stephen Quinn. Photo: Nick Potts/PA Wire.
Sheffield United Stephen Quinn. Photo: Nick Potts/PA Wire.
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‘The second best club in Sheffield versus the second best club in Leeds’ - I was kindly informed of the League One final match-up.

I think they might have just known that comment would slightly irritate me. Nevertheless Sheffield United are going to Wembley and my grandma has let my grandad out of the shed - for now anyway.

Monday night was a classic cup tie including a 1970s-style pitch invasion. Both teams actually played football until they both realised they weren’t getting anywhere and resorted to the long ball.

For a change this actually played into our hands, with our centre-backs winning everything in the air and using the less attractive form of the game to grind the result out, thanks to Chris Porter’s finish.

To be honest, as much, as I love the way we have played this season, as long as the Blades get the result at Wembley I don’t care how they play, classic final or boring end-to-end slog – as long as we are playing in the Championship come next season.

On such a bad run of form and with such an incident-packed end of the season on and off the pitch, we made it through to the final and in that we should take heart.

Danny Wilson has done a grand job of restructuring and working our team to get us where we are now.

His non-emotive calm exterior on the touchline gave me even more faith in him. Will he be able to emulate that come the 90 minutes that will define United’s future? I hope so. Unbelievable really - how could you possibly remain that calm? I wonder what his heartrate was nearing the end of the game.

So here we go again and I am already nervous. I have tickets but I’m even considering not going - well ,not really but I can’t get visions of 2009 out of my head.

Every time I go to a play-off final we lose. Oh yes every fan seems to say that – but the small fact is that we have lost each and every time.

Can we break the curse against Huddersfield in an all-Yorkshire final?

I hope the study of Jordan Rhodes has started to take place this week. He’s surprisingly still plying his trade at the Galpharm Stadium.

Wilson and the Blades aren’t daft; they know Huddersfield are currently much more of an attacking side. United are more than capable of closing them down, using our midfield and getting the job done.

I have heard many a Blade give Huddersfield Town way to much credit.

They don’t have a much better play-off record than ourselves.

Sheffield United may, as we always say, do it the hard way but Wilson has got a side that will go out and give it everything come May 26 - and that is what will be significantly different from our past disappointments where we haven’t turned up.

Looking at the Championship next season ... boy, is that going to be tough for whichever team makes it through. I for one am backing my own.