Cancel that cab, Megson party’s not over just yet

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‘TAXI for Megson’, read the Blades fan’s A4 jibe held aloft in the Lepping’s Lane end on Sunday.

Not the most evocative of banners and there’s no record of one being held up in the Wednesday Directors Box.

But from all that was said, done and heard at the weekend it appears a call might be going in to Mercury or City any day.

That Gary Megson’s team is third in the league and 11 points above the play-offs seems to be a minor inconvenience to be swept away by the momentum that appears to be building against him.

A momentum that supposedly comes from rumours of a clash between the manager and Milan Mandaric last week.

Such was the intensity of the alleged fall-out that Megson was believed to have been a goner had United won at Hillsborough.

Fuelled by reports in national newspapers that Megson had made a complaint to the League Manager’s Association over Milan Madaric’s supposed touting around of his job, fans of both persuasions thought a change might be on the way.

And it still might.

Players don’t run to the manager en masse the way Wednesday players did after Chris O’Grady scored the winner unless something is up.

They did it again on the final whistle, a whistle that may yet sound the end of Gary Megson’s reign at the club.

Megson’s post-match quotes also seemed odd even allowing for the fact he was being asked pointed questions about his future.

“We were 15th when I came her and now it’s much better,” he said. “If anything happens to me I’ll get another job and hopefully make them successful as well.

“This is about Sheffield and a 36,000 crowd - that’s Sheffield at its best. Players and supporters have to be the main focus.”

Have they learned nothing at Hillsborough?

After eight managers in 12 years and three chairmen in five you’d think they might just have the patience to see if Gary Megson can get them out of League One.

The football might not be the prettiest Owls fans have ever seen but it might get them promoted.

He’s brought pride back to the shirt and he’s a Wednesdayite.

The team has had four bad results and they are still set fair for the play-offs at least.

If rumours of a change are to be believed some of those inside the club were probably in a position where they wanted Wednesday to lose to United so they could justify getting rid of the manager.

The fans haven’t turned against him and a derby win will do him no harm at all in their eyes.

I can feel that dread phrase: “he’s taken us as far as he can” coming on and as usual it’s the sound of the mardy minority stamping their feet because they aren’t getting exactly what they want.

Be very careful what you wish for, it’s a long way down from third place in the league with 13 games to go.

Meanwhile, £10 a head to see the game on the big screens at Bramall Lane sounds a bit dear.

But around 9,300 Blades went for their derby dose on Sunday and had to put up with dodgy reception of the BBC Radio Sheffield commentary for the first 10 minutes. Not only that, they had to endure summariser David Hirst’s goal celebration when the winner went in.

Presumably his was the only Wednesday voice to be heard in the ground?