‘Bruno’ Harry is back on his feet after KO

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HARRY Maguire has been discharged from hospital after suffering a sickening clash of heads during Monday’s FA Youth Cup final second-leg at Old Trafford.

The Sheffield United defender was placed under observation following an aerial collision before receiving a clean bill of health three hours after his team mates slipped to a 6-3 aggregate defeat.

John Pemberton, United’s academy director, told The Star: “Fingers crossed, Harry seems to be fine. He took a real blow and wasn’t really sure what was going on when we got him off the pitch.

“Then he complained of having a really stiff neck and feeling sick so the best thing was for the medical staff to take a good look at him.

“He had his scan and then they let him out at 12.30am. He’ll be having another check-up shortly just to make sure but it looks like he’s okay which is really good news.”

Pemberton and his players won an army of admirers for their exploits in last season’s competition with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and former England full-back Gary Neville among those to express their admiration for the South Yorkshire club’s efforts.

Pemberton added: “We all got together for lunch at the training ground. Harry was in good spirits and he’s been the butt of all the jokes about how he went down like Frank Bruno.”

Sheffield United’s Girls’ Centre of Excellence (SUGCOE) hopes to be granted ‘Elite’ status when the FA completes its review of the female game. SUGCOE players Molly Johnson, Jessica Sigsworth and Meaghan Sargeant have all been capped for junior England teams.

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