World champion? You’re not the best in Sheffield

Cocky: Ross Burkinshaw
Cocky: Ross Burkinshaw
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ROSS Burkinshaw claims Kid Galahad may well conquer world boxing...but only if he avoids a scrap in his own Sheffield back yard.

The serving soldier, a former English super flyweight title holder, has been out injured since 2010 but is now returning to the sport and is moving to super bantamweight.

Champion: Kid Galahad laughs off invitation to fight.      Picture: Steve parkin

Champion: Kid Galahad laughs off invitation to fight. Picture: Steve parkin

During his absence, Galahad’s star has risen. He has become a Channel 5 fight-show regular and has collected the WBC International super bantamweight title.

Burkinshaw is scornful of claims that Galahad can be a world champion, though.

“I am sometimes asked how far I can go after coming back from injury” said The Rifles soldier.

“After watching Kid Galahad I think I can could go to the top. He’s really fit, flashy but he beat Jason Booth who was well past his sell-by date.

“He got him in that title fight at the perfect time.

“I will have him as my come-back fight if he wants it. He might think it’s the perfect time to fight me. But I’d beat him - his weakness would be shown up by my left hook.

“He has more speed and is more flashy than me but he has not got a chin like mine and has definitely not got the shots I have got.

“The only way he’d become a world champion is if he avoids me!” said Burkinshaw, who gets married in nine weeks and wants to be involved in a come-back fight before then.

“I have lost three fights (out of 14) but one was due to dislocating my shoulder.

“I lost to quality fighters in Lee Haskins Commonwealth and Prizefighter champion and Craig Lyon became English bantamweight champion and Prizefighter quarter finalist. I will be stronger at super bantam and am happy that my injuries (shoulder and cruciate ligament) are behind me.”

Galahad laughed off Burkinshaw’s offer.

“He’s just after getting on TV and making some money” he said.

And Galahad’s trainer Dominic Ingle ws similarly dismissive.

“We’ll get them in the ring...if he likes, Ross can come round and do some sparring.

“But as for a fight, what’s the point? It is not an opponent that TV would fancy.”

Burkinshaw, 25, isn’t the only fighter hoping to get in the ring with undefeated Galahad, 22.

Brampton’s Josh Wale said: “I fought for four rounds with a broken jaw and still won my last fight. Galahad couldn’t do that. It’s not as if I’m just a slugger because I beat Mo Khaled for the Central Area title, an Ingle fighter and I beat Esham Pickering. I know how to beat Ingle kids.”