Will city’s biggest hitters square off?

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Any Sheffield boxing fan would love to see the clash of the 6ft 8ins Titans: David Howe versus Ingle stablemate Richard Towers.

But despite his 10th professional win, last weekend, Howe remains more interested in helping his gym-pal, rather than trying to dump him on the canvas.

David Howe Vs Luke Martin

David Howe Vs Luke Martin

Howe had only just broken sweat in the second round at Ponds Forge on Friday when the referee waded in to stop his battering of Wiltshire’s Luke Martin, on the ropes.

The 32-year-old Sheffielder is now hoping to make some serious progress in the sport – but not at his mate’s expense.

“Since I have been at the Ingle gym, it’s been fantastic and I am improving every time I fight” Howe says.

The prosect of enjoying frequent sparring and training sessions with Towers, the 33-year-old EBU-EU (European Union) heavyweight title holder, had been one of the reasons he left Howard Rainey’s stewardship for the Ingles, in Wincobank.

“I have always had a good technical ability from when I first started out and I was training with Howard” he said.

“And Howard is a great coach and has trained some world class fighters and I got all the fundementals there, but since I have been at the Ingles I have become more of a complete fighter.

“It’s like being a professional footballer, being able to use your left foot as well!

“I feel as though I can go southpaw now. Not that that is my style but it is great to have those attributes and I can throw a shot from anywhere.”

Howe now plans to “just keep winning and get some titles, starting off with area titles and then move on.”

And Brendan Ingle is expecting good things, too.

“You can see how he has come on. He used to be pretty static, but he is starting to move now.

“You watch him in the next few fights” said Ingle.

As for Towers, Howe aims to keep learning from him, and supporting him when he can.

““Richard would love to see that (Howe fight) as well, but maybe not yet.

“We have some great spars and I do rate him. He is a fantastic athlete and a great guy and no doubt he is going to do really well. I am learning from him every day. I am looking forward to helping him out on his journey.

“Hopefully I can be as successful as he is going to be.”

But will the two ever lock horns in serious combat? “Who knows – you never say never.”

Towers, meanwhile, has a glamorous assignment awaiting. He is to face unbeaten 16-fight Aussie Lucas Browne, down under, on July 25.

Both fighters have 100 per cent win records.

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