Why Sheffield boxer Kell Brook will not have his cake and eat it

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KELL BROOK flies out to a Canary Isles training camp today having passed a stern test in his new nutritional regime.

The Sheffield world title chaser’s diet and lifestyle have been under severe scrutiny since his below-par display against Carson Jones last July.

Brook recruited an expert nutritionist and a conditioner to help guide him, and promises the Sheffield Arena crowd on October 20 will not see him “flagging” against Argentina’s Hector Saldivia as he did in the second half of his bout against the cocky American.

Last Sunday, with the christening of his daughter Nevaeh, there was party food and cakes galore.

But he stayed away from the table, says Wincobank gym trainer Dominic Ingle.

“He didn’t look very happy when he had to go an get his tub of chicken and salad - but it shows he is taking it seriously” said Ingle, of the fighter once famed for a notoriously sweet tooth.

This week, Brook, 26, will force himself to carry on restricting his appetite in the 75F heat of Fuerteventura.

He is there a fortnight - a week longer camp than usual - along with a party stablemates including Barry Awad (Kid Galahad) David Howe and Richard Towers.

Ingle says: “People assume we go there for altitude training but actually we will be training at sea level. The hot weather helps the body recover from the training regime we set.

“Kell has stuck to his diet and is ahead of his normal schedule and will benefit from these two weeks in the run up to Saldivia.”

Brook admits that he’d got the nutritional preparation wrong last time - and now accepts he “cannot do everything himself” - and will now concentrate solely on each fight strategy, leaving the food input in the hands of David Stache of the Sheffeld-based S1 Supplements comnpany. His October 20 showdown is a final IBF world title eliminator against the 28-year-old South American.

The unbeaten Grenoside man says he would be prepared to fight for 15 rounds, if necessary, but wants to make a statement and finish off teh 43-fight veteran early.

Ultimately, Brook hopes to face the winner of the Devon Alexander v Randall Bailey fight, which could happen on the same night.

Kid Galahad has bragging rights at Ingle’s gym. He came first in the “interval bleep” tests which are a guide to cardiovascular fitness.

Middleweight Tyan Booth, who has had a two year break from boxing, came second with Brook in third place.