WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kell Brooks: ‘Together we can rule the world’

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KELL Brook wants to be Sheffield’s second, current reigning world champion.

First he hopes his mate Ryan Rhodes beats Saul Alvarez for the WBC light middleweight belt in Mexico on June 18.

Double aim: Kell Brook hopes he and close pal Ryan Rhodes can conquer the world.                Picture: Steve Ellis

Double aim: Kell Brook hopes he and close pal Ryan Rhodes can conquer the world. Picture: Steve Ellis

Then, seven days later, he intends to beat resourceful African Lovemore N’Dou for the WBA international title - a prize which he hopes will guarantee him a world title match-up of his own shortly afterwards.

Having two world champions in Sheffield isn’t new - Clinton Woods (2005-8) and Junior Witter (2006-8) were the two most recent to be contemporaneous champions for the city.

Now Brook wants the same for himself and his pal who also lives in the north of Sheffield.

During Brook’s preparation for N’Dou the names of Witter and Alvarez keep cropping up, too.

N’Dou’s last fight was a points loss to Alvarez and Brook will be training with Witter- who beat N’Dou in 2005 - in a training camp in Tenerife from today.

Brook, 25, said of his June opponent: “N’Dou only loses to the best, he is an ex world champion himself, his last fight was Alvarez, who Ryan will be fighting; so he’s in with the best.

“If you watch his last fight, he is a young 39, he doesn’t look like he’s aged a day. He keeps that pace and keeps going for 12 rounds, hard.

“He has never been stopped and obviously I want to stop him. The fight’s in Sheffield (Hillsborough Leisure Centre) - a home coming, I want to impress and stop him. It (the venue) is at the bottom of my road, it is going to bring local fans out. A lot of people from my old school (Herries School or Parkwood High as it is called now) are going to be there including teachers.”

Brook said that his Ingle stablemate Witter broke his hand on NDou’s head six years ago.

“He said N’Dou was really a tough, game fighter.

“Junior was in his prime of his career and he went 12 rounds with him and took everything that Junior chucked at him. He comes to win. I’m going to Tenerife now for a full week, almost living with Junior. I’ll get some tips from him and (trainer) Dominick (Ingle,) we’ll have a tactic for the fight.”

Brook was speaking before a press conference with Carl Froch, who takes part in a WBC super middleweight defence against Clinton Woods’ old foe Glencoffe Johnson in Atlantic City on June 4.