Wale can quieten partisan home fans

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JOSH WALE will enter the Lyon’s den tomorrow, as he travels to Bolton’s Reebok stadium to face Craig Lyon for the English bantamweight title.

Lyon hails from nearby St.Helens and will be backed by the usually partisan north west crowd. Brampton’s Wale though, has boxed all over the UK and Europe as an pro and amateur and only hears one voice when he’s in the ring.

“It might be a ‘Roses clash,’ but I’ve boxed in front of 300 Germans for England when I was a kid and that didn’t bother me one bit.

“When I’m in the ring, the only person I can hear is my dad (trainer Mick Wale) and believe me, when I do something wrong, everyone else will hear him as well. “Winning the title in Lancashire is how I want to do it.”

One thing the 22-year-old does have in his favour in the ring is height, reach and despite being six years younger, experience. Lyon, 29, is four inches shorter and has fought in two less pro contests than Wale and against inferior opponents.

“Lyon is a good kid. He’s won all his 12 fights and people were raving about him when he beat (Sheffield’s) Ross Burkinshaw because he looked good that night.

“But if you look at who we’ve both fought there’s a huge difference in the calibre. I’ve been in with Willie Casey who’s now fighting for a world title and I beat Esham Pickering (former British, European and Commonwealth champion) in Prizefighter.

“I’ve also got a massive size advantage on my side and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be coming home English champion.”

Lyon won the title against Burkinshaw after trainer Glyn Rhodes pulled him out ahead of the sixth round.