VIDEO: Why Sheffield boxer Liam has a smile on his face

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Liam Cameron says his hard-earned 10-round victory over fellow Sheffielder Wayne Reed has put him ‘back in the mix.’

The 23-year-old moved up to super middleweight for the IBO Youth title match earlier this month, after losing twice in five previous fights.

Liam Cameron

Liam Cameron

His win over Reed at the Octagon improved his ranking and gave him a confidence boost.

He now wants to face Swindon’s Kelvin Young, who has twice beaten Sheffield’s Dean Walker and defends his IBO Inter-Continental title event next month.

Cameron said on video at “Wayne was a hard, tough opponent, a highly ranked kid who has been in with the best including an ex world champion. But I got through with flying colours. It was my best fight to date. I cut him in the third round with a big left hook, his eye was massive, I was blinking for him!

“I had trained solid for it, sparring 10 rounds every day until it became easier and easier. I’d expected a toe to toe fight but felt comfortable. I didn’t get hit clean, much. There were no marks on me. I have boxed 19 times (professionally) and wanted a belt to show my fans.”

Cameron, 23, a big fan of retired super middleweight Bomber Graham, would love to get in with Young.

“That would be a good fight, he’s 6ft 2ins, but I don’t think he has stopped any one. He’s a big ticket seller, I’ve done well with tickets in my last fight, we could get that one going. And its one I could definitely win.”

Cameron (W16 L3) said he wanted only to fight rivals above him in the domestic rankings and “take their scalps.”

The boxer said his own previous stubborness to campaign at middleweight had been his undoing - losing to Rod Smith and Jez Wilson. “Shifting weight took its toll, I was not been performing” he said.