Video: Watch boxing’s nine year old wonder kid!

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A boxing gym believes they have discovered a fight star of the future - at just nine years old.

Wonder kid Bilal Javid is the talk of S18 gym in Dronfield, where its youngest member has a reputation for speed, footwork, head movement and shadow boxing.

Bilal Javid

Bilal Javid

His coach Mike Otter says in three decades of working with amateurs, he has never seen anybody like it.

“The world is his oyster” he says. “If he stays with this, learning, he will go right through, he will become a great amateur and then he will become a great pro. He has it all. He is very, very fast..he has got all the ingredients to make a top class boxer. He is a credit to me and the club.

“Bring on the schoolboy championships when he’s older, because this kid is going to be a champion. At nine years old I have never come across anybody like this and I have been a coach 32 years.”

Bilal, who lives in Carterknowle, Sheffield, says he wants to grow up and be like Kell Brook, Ecclesall’s world champion. He got into the sport through family interest.

Bulal Javid, pride of Dronfield.

Bulal Javid, pride of Dronfield.

His dad, Asghar, an NHS specialist cardiac physiologist, admitted there were risks in boxing but said: “It keeps him fit, teaches him discipline and good behaviour in the gym, there are a lot of benefits. It is a good hobby, it keeps him away from the streets and bad habits and that is what I like.”

Bilal says he is mastering most ringcraft techniques, but needs to work on his defensive guard.

He will have to wait until he is 10 before he competes in development ‘skill bouts.’