Video: The Ingle boxing clan will be rooting for Kell Brook, says Kid Galahad

The Ingle gym may have lost the services of big-hitter Kell Brook - but that won't stop their boxers cheering him on, on Saturday night.

Brook moved from regular trainer Dom Ingle to the guidance of John Fewkes, in preparation for this weekend's fight with Aussie Michael Zerafa, at Sheffield Arena.

Kid Galahad at a Winter Garden media workout. Picture By Mark Robinson.

Kid Galahad at a Winter Garden media workout. Picture By Mark Robinson.

Kid Galahad, a lifelong Ingle fighter, will be on the undercard of the show, and says the Wincobank centre will be rooting for Brook.

"In this game all you have got to worry about is yourself," said Galahad (Barry Awad.)

"I don't think: 'Oh, he's left, or this guy's left.' There have been loads of people who have left the gym. That doesn't matter.  In this game, you have to worry about yourself first of all.

"I am not bothered...if Kell thinks that's a good move, then that's a good move for him.

"My gym works for me, Dominic works for me. If Kell was not happy or he felt he needed to do that move, then that is up to him. “

Galahad remains on great terms with the former world champion.

Asked if all the Ingle fighters were united behind Brook, he replied: "Ofcourse, why wouldn't you be?

"Kell has been boxing since he was eight, if someone has stuck this game out for 20 odd years, why wouldn't you want him to do well?

"It's a very long time to stick something out and everything that he has got, he deserves.

"Sometimes you need a new start or something else, it is just how it is."

Galahad described boxing as a grind and said he had to take your hat off to Kell's dedication.

The Ingle man takes on Brayan Mairena from Nicaragua in a tune-up for next year's fight with the winner of Carl Frampton v Josh Warrington.

Like Brook, he is favourite to win.

"In this game, you can never take anyone lightly" he warned.

"At the end of the day, a win for him could put him on the world stage.

"It could ruin my dreams.

"When Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham boxed a guy called Julian Jackson (1990) and he had the fight won and one shot changed his course. It changed history for him.

"I know the kid I am fighting is not on the same level, but I'm just putting it out there one shot can always change things.

"You have always got to be professional and take no one lightly. Never underestimate anybody in this game."