VIDEO Shock heavyweight boxing KO in Sheffield

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David Howe, the 6ft 8ins heavyweight from Sheffield, was surprisingly KO’d by an opponent more than three stone lighter in the city.

On a Dave Coldwell bill at iceSheffield, the Ingle fighter, 33, was decked by Lithuanian Davidaitis.

Howe was caught by a shot to the head and, as our video shows, stumbled towards the ropes.

In his confused state, he remained staring into the crowd as two hooks from the away fighter fizzed into his face.

He collapsed to the canvas and the match was waved off in the visitor’s favour.

Howe is now W10 L2.

It was a night of other shocks: Manor Park’s more experienced Liam Cameron was outpointed by Dronfield’s irrepressible Rod Smith at middleweight for an International Master title, over 10 rounds.

And promising Bolsover lightweight Jamie Robinson was beaten by Scotsman Michael Stupart.

But there were wins for Curtis Woodhouse, the light welter and former Sheffield United footballer, Ecclesfield’s Joe Rodgers and Doncaster’s Maxi Hughes.

*Lucas Browne, who beat another Sheffield heavyewight Richard Towers, recently, ended this year with another stunning knockout.

The Aussie banger despatched New Orleans-born Kiwi Clarence Tillman inside two rounds at the Melbourne Pavilion.

On Saturday, Doncaster’s Jamie McDonnell beat Abigail Medina, in London.