Video: Sheffield boxing MBE legends re-united after quarter of a century

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An awkward 24-year silence between Sheffield boxing’s two MBE recipients has ended.

Former boxer turned trainer Glyn Rhodes made an emotional return to meet Brendan Ingle at the veteran’s famous Wincobank gym.

The two had been virtually estranged for almost a quarter of a century since Rhodes retired from the ring in 1993, setting up his own gym five miles away in Hillsborough. They’d never spoken during that time.

But the pair put any rivalries aside to have a good natter about “the good old days.”

The re-union, organised by mutual friend and Ingle trainer Amer Khan, was an emotional experience for many who witnessed it, including world champion Kell Brook.

Rhodes explained that from 1976: “I spent almost every day there. I had 65 fights 30 amateur fights, so I spent a big part of my life from 16 years old there.

Glyn Rhodes back at Brendan Ingle's gym

Glyn Rhodes back at Brendan Ingle's gym

“Once I retired, you kind of go your own way. I started my gym (Sheffield Boxing Centre) in 1994, and I’d never been back since.

“A lot of the things I do now are what Brendan taught me. He was a big figure in my life.

“Although you are in the same game, the same circles, you never actually sit down and chat to each other. Which is really sad.

“It seemed only right, somewhere down the line that I should go back to my roots. A lot of water has gone under the bridge for both of us. Everything I have done since I was 16 to today is boxing. So I owe Brendan a lot for that.”

Glyn Rhodes and Brendan Ingle

Glyn Rhodes and Brendan Ingle

Rhodes said entering the doors at St Thomas’ gym was “strange, a bit surreal. “It sent a shiver down my spine, to think I came though those doors all those years ago... and it is 24 years since I have been back. It was quite emotional and how quick time has gone. Everybody made me welcome.”

Rhodes said he was moved that Ingle’s son Dom halted training to acclaim Sheffield boxing’s two MBE recipients.