VIDEO: Sheffield boxing: Adam the mischievous match-maker!

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Adam Etches is a friend of both Scott Jenkins and Curtis Woodhouse.

But he’d still like to see them both punching the living day lights out of each other! Sheffield middleweight Etches floated the idea in a video on Woodhouse, the former Sheffield United footballer, is concentrating on facing Willie Lomond (Commonwealth light welter title June 27)but Etches would love to see him collide one day with Jenkins, who campaigns at 9st 9lbs.

Scott Jenkins and Adam Etches, right

Scott Jenkins and Adam Etches, right

“Boxing is about putting bums on seats” said Etches. “Fights like that Woodhouse v Jenkins would capture people’s imagination.”

Jenkins (Won 13 (KO 7) Lost 0) wants to take on improved opposition. “I have done a lot of four and six rounders. Certainy by this time next year I want some good challenging fights. Anyone I fight is a challenge, nobody who gets in the ring is a mug. All I want is to step out victorious.”

“I’m gettin getting some quality sparring and I am going to break through and get to the top.

Woodhouse’s manager Dave Coldwell, asked if Woodhouse would entertain fighting Jenkins, replied: “Scott hasn’t fought anybody with a heart beat. He will need to step up before that happens and he gets in with anybody of Curtis’ class.”

Meanwhile, Etches said he would be back in the ring next month,

“I don’t know whether it is going to be here or abroad.”

As for domestic rival Chris Eubank Jr, he said: “I am fed up of hearing his name. Hopefully one day the fight might happen but I am not going to put my career on hold to wait for him.”