Video: Sheffield boxer postpones tomfoolery until after title bid

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Sam Sheedy promises a ‘serious’ performance in his Commonwealth title challenge a week on Friday - with no hint of the showboating that normally accompanies his ring skills.

The unpredictable Sheffield middleweight, whose ring walk involves sombreros and the Speedy Gonzales theme tune, will be putting business before levity.

Ahead of his Bramall Lane Commonwealth title fight against Nigerian Abolaji Rasheed, Sheedy said: “There will be no showboating or messing about this time.

“A lot of people say I should pack that in. I always work hard but I always do what I want to do. If I don’t what’s the point of being here? I’d rather be a roadsweeper doing the Ali shuffle if I can’t do the Ali shuffle in the ring.

“But this time I’ve decided I am going to go on there and do the business and then I can mess about after that.”

The 28-year-old plans a ruthlessly efficient show. “I do need to put in a great performance” he said.

Sam Sheedy at SBC

Sam Sheedy at SBC

“Rasheed is an unknown quantity, from what I’ve seen he is good in certain areas, but I feel I have boxed better opponents than him already, he is not on my level.

“I’m confident in stopping him early on. He is going home early. I want to win this fight for something that cements me in boxing history. Whatever I do after that, nobody can take it away from me.”

Sheedy is a big ticket-seller. But being a boxer in a city where Kell Brook comes from, has its drawbacks.

“A lot of people who don’t even know Kell seem to want to go to his fight, which I am a bit bitter about..they are watching him just because he is a superstar, world champion.

Abolaji Rasheed

Abolaji Rasheed

“A lot of these people said they were my friends but they are going to watch Kell but not coming to watch me. It shows what type of person they are.”

Sheedy said it was important to him to be first Commonwealth champion produced from Glyn Rhodes’ gym.

He said his gym-mates had kept him on track, mentally, as well as physically.

“I wouldn’t change anybody in my team.”

Sheedy had recently been sparring with light heavyweights Carl Wild and Scott Westgarth.

“Scott is horrible, he is raw, nasty, he wants to hurt you with his punches. They both do.”

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