VIDEO: King of the world Brook comes home

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Hundreds of Sheffield fight fans squeezed into the Winter Garden to welcome home the city’s newest world champion Kell Brook.

And his promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed there will be an even bigger homecoming for the 28-year-old later this year when he makes his first defence at Sheffield Arena.

IBF World Welterweight champion Kell Brook comes home to the Winter Gardens in Sheffield

IBF World Welterweight champion Kell Brook comes home to the Winter Gardens in Sheffield

Brook was greeted with rapturous applause as he was presented with his IBF world welterweight title belt and spoke of his pride at flying the flag for Sheffield.

“My feet haven’t touched the ground yet - I’m still buzzing about bringing the world title back to Sheffield,” Brook said.

“I’m going to be bringing massive fights to Sheffield. You’re going to be seeing me in there with some big names.

“It’s all about the fans and exciting you.

“It’s been a long road to get to this day.

“I’ve been in the gym since I was nine years old and I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I started.”

Brook’s father Terry described his son’s victory over Shawn Porter in California last weekend as ‘19 years in the making.’

He said: “When Kell was young we recognised he was a very special talent, a natural athlete.

“We knew he’d have the talent to become a world champion when he learned how not to get hit, because he could hit himself. And we were quite fortunate to see what the Ingle gym was doing Naseem Hamed at the time.

“It was the culmination of everything on Saturday night and I stood there and watched Kell become world champion.

“I always knew it would happen.”

And trainer Dom Ingle said Brook’s whole camp never doubted he would join the list of great Sheffield fighters.

Ingle said: “Kell has been a long, long, long project but we all knew what he would become when he turned up and did what he does best.

“On Saturday he did what not many people do - go to America and win a world title.

“I think everyone around Kell knew from the years and years of having the dream of being champion of the world that he would do it.

“He showed his true colours and did what he had told people time and time again he was going to do.

“And now he joins a long list of champions to have come from Sheffield: Naseem Hamed, Johnny Nelson, Junior Witter, Clinton Woods, Paul Silky Jones and now Kell Brook - a legitimate IBF welterweight champion of the world.”

Promoter Hearn is planning to make Brook’s Arena homecoming on of the biggest nights of the year for British boxing by packing the undercard with top talent.

And he promises there are huge fights ahead for Brook himself.

Hearn said: “The people of Sheffield have a real opportunity to get behind a world champion in his hometown.

“There are so many big nights and big fights await for Kell Brook.

“He’s not going to give this world title away. He wants to unify the division and become a great in British boxing and British sport.

“Amir Khan, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao - these are all genuine fights that are achievable for Kell Brook.”