Video: Kid Galahad will take just minutes to exert control over Josh Warrington

Kid Galahad plans to exercise full control of ‘wannabe football hooligan’ turned world champion Josh Warrington - within two rounds.

The Sheffield Ingle gym fighter believes his skills and elusive strategy will confound a boxer who he feels has a great engine, but limiting technical ability.

"I am expecting him to come at me, give it a go," said Galahad ahead of his June 15 assault on the Leeds foe's IBF featherweight belt.

"But I believe I am better than him in every single department.

"He is going to try swinging them in but, listen, when I get in that ring, from the get-go, you have got to control everything with him.

"And after a couple of rounds, he will realise he is in too deep.

"And he will probably start falling apart.

The Wincobank man, 29, said a ring athlete had to be single-minded to become a world champion and that had been his only focus for years.

He said he didn't have any other jobs or tasks other than reaching the elite level.

"My whole thing in life is to be world champion.

"I'll make sure I'll make enough money out of this game so I don't have to work ever again."

Galahad (Abdul Barry Awads) said June 15 was about winning, rather than the career-defining purse that goes with the challenge on the Frank Warren show at First Direct Arena, Leeds.

Kid Galahad in action: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing

He admitted got the odd butterflies before fights adding "at the end of the day everything is on the line and you've got to win, by any means necessary."