Video: How a Sheffield boxing gym's members helped each other after tragic death of Scott Westgarth

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Tommy Frank said the unity and comradeship at Sheffield Boxing Centre is helping gym members come to terms with the death of light heavyweight Scott Westgarth.

The popular boxer died in February after a 10-rounder in Doncaster.

After the funeral, a fun day to raise fans for his partner was held at Hillsborough Park, not far from the SBC gym.

Frank, 24, said: "The funeral was a hard, hard day for everyone but it was nice to get everybody together and pay our respects and finally lay him the rest.

"My heart goes out to his family, because God knows what they must have gone through in the past two or three months.

"It was same again (for us) - the SBU unit pulling together, I have never known a place like it.

Tommy Frank, left, and  Scott Westgarth

Tommy Frank, left, and Scott Westgarth

"We are all there for each other. It has been hard but we've all go each other through it."

Frank dedicated his last fight (Central Area Super Flyweight title win over Doncaster's Craig Derbyshire) to Westgarth and will have his name emblazoned on his shorts.

"I will think about Scott every fight but Scott would just want us to get on with things and just keep doing what we are doing" said Frank.

"At every fight, he is going to be in all of our minds.

"But things go on and you just have to get on with it."

Scunthorpe's Dec Spelman - the opponent Westgarth outpointed before suffering his brain haemorrhage - returns to the ring later this month, at the North Notts Arena, Worksop.

Spelman attended the funeral in Grenoside last week.

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