Video exclusive: Why Kell Brook v Amir Khan fight will never happen: Johnny Nelson's view

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Boxing insider Johnny Nelson believes a much-anticipated, multi-million pound contest between Kell Brook and Amir Khan will never happen.

The former Ingle world champion, now a SKY Sports pundit, shares Brook's frustration at the obstacles seemingly put in the way by the Bolton camp.

Nelson, who said there had been rumours of a Kell Brook show at Sheffield United's ground next month, says Brook must be kept busier - the fighter turns 32 years old on Thursday.

The TV regular and retired cruiserweight wants Khan v Brook to happen, saying: "They have got the same promoter, but my personal opinion is I don't think it will happen.

"I keep hearing various excuses from Amir - and I'm a fan of Amir - but that's the only thing I don't get.

"I think Amir is an amazingly fast fighter - probably the fastest fighter I have ever seen live - and I just don't get why there is constantly an obstacle. "

Nelson referenced the fact that Khan regards himself as a 147 pounds fighter - but he has boxed over that weight for his last two fights, against Phil Lo Greco and Saul Alvarez.

Brook struggles to get down to welterweight - so this alone represents a major issue.

Nelson said promoters Matchroom had got to keep Brook busy to get the best out of him.

"Plus he's at a stage to his career where if he's going to peak it has got to be now, because any time after that you are going to go down hill" he added.

Johnny Nelson with Sky boxing commentator Adam Smith

Johnny Nelson with Sky boxing commentator Adam Smith

"If I was Kell I would hound Amir Khan, I'd publicly embarrass him every time he does any public appearance,.

the problem is Amir is probably a bit more media savvy than Kell, he is a quicker talker he knows what to say and what not to say.

"Amir Khan will take the fight if he wants to take the fight. Nobody will pressure him."

Nelson said Brook can be made fight-ready quickly, in need be.

Kell Brook

Kell Brook

"Kell is in shape he's just come through a training camp, so I know he is in the gym.

"When he's not training, he is not training, but when he is training he is training hard.

"But actually after his last fight he was straight in the gym again, he has ticked over. He is gym fit.

"Kell is one of those fighters after a fight he wouldn't be gym fit. He'd just disappear but now he's actually stayed in the gym."

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Amir Khan

Amir Khan