Video: Exclusive: Rape victim boxer watched his attacker “smirk and laugh” in court

Callum Hancock - the boxer who was raped when he was 10 years old - has revealed how his attacker smirked and laughed in the dock before he was sentenced.

The experience strengthened the Eckington fighter's will to form a service for male sexual offence victims in Sheffield.

And he says his personal anger at the attitude in court of his sick predator will drive him on in the boxing ring, on the Kell Brook undercard on Saturday night.

Hancock, 27, was attacked as a child by Jason Lyttle, now 31, of Lightwood Road, Marsh Lane, Sheffield.

Recently, Lyttle admitted historic sex crimes and was jailed at Derby Crown Court.

Hancock told The Star: "My personal life has been on rocky roads lately.

Callum Hancock

Callum Hancock

"My perpetrator got sent to prison, at the end of October, so six weeks ago I was in a court room facing my perpetrator, reading my impact statement.

"He was smirking and laughing in the dock so I want to put that to bed on Saturday night. I am going to let a lot of venom out."

The boxer said Lyttle is "not smirking now, not one bit.

"The next six and a half years at Her Majesty's Pleasure, for sexual offences, it's never good."

Callum Hancock

Callum Hancock

As well as boxing, the Ryan Rhodes-trained fighter is going to pilot a programme for vice victims in Sheffield.

‘Below the Belt’ was designed "to knock out some of the negative impacts of child sex abuse."

The organisation was set up to: "give men the hope and reassurance that is needed, because we haven't got anything in Sheffield, as of yet.

"We are going to be working alongside Survivors Manchester (a group aiding sexual abuse and rape.)

Any child currently or previously abused can turn to a responsible adult, he said.

Hancock said he would be fronting 'Below the Belt' in Sheffield.

*On Saturday, he faces Bulgarian light heavyweight Ivan Nikolov at the Arena.

"Camp has been absolutely brilliant," he said.

"This one is going to be a good performance I know full well I am going to let some spite out in that ring and enjoy it.

"I can't wait to walk out in front of Sheffield fans and soak up that atmosphere and thrive off it."

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