Title hunting Rhodes hails Coldwell

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RYAN RHODES believes his trainer Dave Coldwell may prove a key asset in his attempt to become world champion a week on Saturday.

The Rotherham gym-boss has been preparing the Sheffielder both physically and mentally for his WBC light middleweight joust with Saul Alvarez, in his opponent’s home city in Mexico.

Rhodes, honing his skills in Coliseo’s Gym in Guadalajara City, said: “Dave has been massive in this. He’s been up till 4am watching tapes of Alvarez.

“He’s obssessive. He’d comes in our gym every morning with a smile on his face; he’d have been watching the videos again and picked something different that he thinks we can work on to my advantage” said Rhodes.

He added: “The more he watches the kid, the more confident he is that I’ll KO him. Alvarez won’t have fought anybody like me, as powerful, hard or as big or strong as me.”

Rhodes, who has had back problems in the past, is injury free in Mexico. “I have had no set-backs. Normally I have a niggle and have had to take a day or two off training, but that’s not been the case this time.

“Over the last three years when I have stuck to a game plan it has worked. The only time it didn’t was when my back went before the Gary Lockett fight and I was at 75 per cent capability. But now my back is absolutely fine, I have used a chiropractor and had a sports massage once a week and it’s been fantastic.”