The fight goes on for Sheffield boxer Liam Cameron to prove he is innocent of cocaine abuse

Liam Cameron and Nicky Janman weigh in before his last night, with Dennis Hobson in the background
Liam Cameron and Nicky Janman weigh in before his last night, with Dennis Hobson in the background

Boxer Liam Cameron is coming out fighting after being banned from the sport for a failed drugs test.

Sheffield's Commonwealth middleweight champion was banished for four years after testing positive for benzoylecgonine, a compound linked with cocaine.

He has now recruited fresh legal advice and is trying to appeal the verdict.

Cameron has publicly stated that he gave a positive test sample which showed a small a narcotic quantity... "a dose of a tenth of a recreational line."

He told The Star: "That was the description that was used, although as I have never had any cocaine I wouldn't know. 110 per cent I have never had any up my nose, swallowed it, whatever."

Cameron's case is that he must have absorbed the chemical through contact with contaminated bank notes.

"I live in a rough part of Sheffield and people roll up notes to take drugs,” he said.

"The scientist who looked into my case seemed to accept that such a small amount could have got into my body that way. Any other way doesn't make sense - they say it got into my system four days before I boxed, which would be ridiculous for me to do on purpose. But it is hard to prove you are innocent, even when you are.

"We have lodged an appeal under my human rights and I just hope the authorities see sense."

Cameron says he is still rated as number three in Briain and in a high spot across the world rankings.

"I was offered a deal to admit the offence and I'd be back boxing in 18 months. But that would mean I'd be making a story up and lying.

"I am optimistic about the appeal, though. You have to be positive. I want to come back to boxing, that's the aim."

Cameron has parted company with his promoter Dennis Hobson, claiming he'd been "no help."

But Hobson said: "I feel very disappointed and let down by Liam.  Earlier in his career, he signed with me, then he went off the rails a bit, he came back and we had a plan. I got him a Commonwealth title challenge out of nowhere and did everything I said I would for him. He denies this drug taking, but it's got in his system somehow.

"If you don't communicate then relationships break down, and he didn't sit down with me. I had a legal representative to fight his case but he went his own way.

"I thought he'd matured and we were ready to take on some quality fighters, and he could have earned a lot of money.

"It's a shame and waste of a career. I've lost money I invested in him, and time and effort."