Super-fast Sheffield boxer is in a hurry for someone to challenge his English title

Ryan Rhodes and Sam O'maison
Ryan Rhodes and Sam O'maison
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Boxer Sam O'maison is so fit he's even shocked himself.

"I am lifting heavier weights than ever, have more endurance and I've run a mile in five minutes 54 seconds" said the English super lightweight champion.

"Everybody was gobsmacked at that time. But I have been coming on in leaps and bounds and I know I am stronger than I have ever been."

So, at 27, O'maison is doing well.

He has the title, the conditioning and the ambition to scale the national and ínternational rankings.

The one thing he doesn't have, currently, is an opponent, though.

Sam O'maison

Sam O'maison

O'maison won the title in April at Bramall Lane, stopping Kevin Hooper in round three.

And he was hoping to "bang in as many fights as possible" during the rest of 2018.

Sadly, there have been no takers to challenge him over 10 rounds at Magna Centre, Rotherham, on September 28, as planned.

Instead, he will compete in a six rounder, as long as manager Ryan Rhodes can find someone.

Glenn Foot, right

Glenn Foot, right

"It took a lot of hard work to win that title and now no one seems to want to try and take it off me.

"It's frustrating because I want to showcase what I've got.

"Ryan has rung round everybody, but nobody fancied the job.

"Ryan is going to ask the British Boxing Board of Control to get me in a British title eliminator.

"I'd jump at the chance of that."

That title is vacant but is being disputed by Glenn Foot and Robbie Davies Jnr, at the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle in October.

O'maison hopes to take on the winner.

"That's what we want, but in boxing, anything can spring up" he added.

O'maison has had to work in the scaffolding trade to keep the money coming in, but still trains twice a day.

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