‘Spice Boy’ boxer likes a good curry!

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Ross Burkinshaw knows how to put some wind behind his fight career - by eating one of the hottest curries on the market.

The Beighton boxer - whose trainer, ironically used to be known as Spice Boy - says he even tries to get “two or three” curries down his neck a day, not long before a fight.

Ross Burkinshaw, with wife Nicola, and sons Pharrell (left) and Reuben

Ross Burkinshaw, with wife Nicola, and sons Pharrell (left) and Reuben

Curry is not every sportsman’s choice as a healthy food of course. Especially when you are have been campaigning at super bantamweight and aim to shrink down to super flyweight (8stone 3lbs.)

Generally Burkinshaw, who campaigned at super fly five years ago and now walks around at approximately nine stone four, has a nutritious, fat-free diet.

‘Ross the Boss’ eats five or six times a day - little and often. But he admitted: “I love a good curry. Even up until the week before my fight I will have my curry on my ‘cheat’ day. Some times I can sneak two or three in!”

Burkinshaw, who fights at The Octagon on September 13, doesn’t just love curries he loves HOT ones. His favourite is the chilli-laced Phall dish, which is hotter than the vindaloo. But most of the time he falls back on a plainer diet of fish and chicken.

“I have got a great team around me, they believe in me, and know I can do it (campaign at the lower division)” he said. “I have got dieticians, nutritionists, they have got everything down to a tee.

“I’ve got good sponsors who supply me with meat and supplements, everything you could ask for. Ryan (Rhodes; coach) thinks super fly is the route for me to go. Sometimes you get to the weight and don’t have the power with you, I found it hard to get to superfly the way I did it before. But I’ve been down there recently, in Newcastle (pts win over Valentin Marinov) I boxed at eight stone six, the day before I was eight stone five, and I was eating all the way up to the weigh-in.”