Sheffield v Barnsley grudge boxing match

Lee Noble in his last scrap, against Max Maxwell
Lee Noble in his last scrap, against Max Maxwell
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Lee Noble says he has “conned” rival Dave Fidler into a fight - after baiting him on Twitter and Facebook.

The fighter from Dodworth faces Shiregreen’s Fidler at iceSheffield on February 7. The pair will compete for the International Masters light-middleweight title.

Noble claims Fidler would have avoided him because the Barnsley fighter represents more risk than gain.

But Noble says “taking the Mickey” out of Fidler on social network sights prompted him to agree to the fight.

“This all started when I watched Fidler beat Matthew Mallin (2012) in Barnsley.

“I wasn’t impressed with Fidler and still can’t work out why he is undefeated - but then he’s not fought the calibre of people I have and his record has been padded because he’s been well protected.

“Fidler has his eyes on fighting for the English title - the British Board of Control has sanctioned him to be next in line for a crack at it.

“I knew he wouldn’t just say yes to a fight with me, so I took the easy route and started the banter on Twitter and Facebook.

“I lured him into it and like an idiot he fell for it. He’s had a go back - calling Barnsley people ‘Dingles,’

“But I know I will beat him: I am going to hit and move until he is frustrated and start swinging. He will walk straight on to something.”

Noble, who combines boxing with work as a carpet fitter, has been out of the sport for a year, after spending 10 months in Marshgate prison, Doncaster for assault.

He said: “I have put all that behind me now and I am moving forward.

“I have been sparring with Kell Brook and that’s gone well - he is coming to the fight and believes I am going to win.

“I have sold 150 tickets and they will be there watching me beat Fidler.

“But at the end of it, when I have won, there will be no more banter. I will shake hands and buy him a curry - he has given me a fantastic Christmas present...I’ll beat him and have a go at the English title.”