Sheffield trainer confronts ‘disrespectful’ boxers

The law was laid down to a minority of Sheffield Boxing Centre fighters
The law was laid down to a minority of Sheffield Boxing Centre fighters
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Glyn Rhodes has held a clear-the air meeting with his professional and amateur boxers after he accused some of disrespecting the rules of his Hillsborough gym.

The Sheffield Boxing Centre boss had become increasingly irritated after a minority of his fighters started adopting their own timetable and routines, rather than those proscribed by him. Rhodes blames himself for allowing a lapse in discipline around the festive period.

But he says anybody who goes through own way from now so will be shown the door.

“I let them have a blow-out over Christmas but when we all got together for a meeting because I wanted to read the Riot Act” said Rhodes.

“A few of them started a while ago doing their own thing.

“There was a gym starting to form within the gym with a group who wanted to follow their own timetable.

“That might have benefitted them - sparring or running, or whatever, at the time they wanted.

“But it didn’t benefit the other gym users who stuck to the rules.

“Somebody said to be that if (former Manchester United manager) Sir Alex Ferguson told his team that they were all going to go on a run on a Saturday morning they would all go on a run on a Saturday morning. Not make their own arrangements when it suited them.”

Rhodes, who excludes his star boxer Sam Sheedy from any criticism, acknowledged that boxing was regarded as an individual sport. But he said gym unity and team spirit had taken a backward step recently. “It’s my fault as well - I let things go. You don’t want to say things were different in the old days, but if Brendan Ingle ever told me to do something, I’d do it. Now, after booting a few backsides, we are back on track.”